In January 2018, I started working as a news assistant at WTOP. I had no idea what to expect and had never imagined that I would work in broadcast journalism - much less radio. Within a year, I was promoted to assistant editor and then editor. I’ve had the opportunity to cover breaking news and in-depth stories for both on-air and online. And while I spend most of my time behind-the-scenes at the editors desk, I’ve taken a couple whirls in front of the mic.

This is my first recorded wrap that aired on WTOP in December 2018. For it, I spoke to our Space Guy Greg Redfern, whose full article can be found here. The piece previewed the appearance of a Christmas comet - named Comet 46P/Wirtanen - in local skies on the night of December 11.

I’ve also collaborated with other radio reporters to produce wraps - conducting the background research and interviews while they write the script and voice the audio.

In February 2018, I interviewed HGTV’s Clint Harp ahead of his appearance at the Capitol Remodel and Garden Show in Northern Virginia. Sandy Kozel scripted and voiced this wrap.